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Wizars is a DeckBattle's module inspired on the game "Magic the Gathering". All the cards of the original game are present at Wizards, but with another name and context.

Module's version: 0a

The sets' develop are divided on three groups:
  • Group A: All new sets starting from the basic edition "2010".
  • Group B: Old set sstarting from "10th Edition"
  • Group C: Previous old sets to "10th Edition"
The priority of the developers is have up-to-date the game, so the sets of the group A will had priority in the implementation plan. The sets of the group B will be implemented between the official publication of the sets of the group A. The sets of the group C will be implemented in inverse order of publication when the implementation of the gruop B were finished.
Sets in develop:
  • 10th Edition --> First Age (0%)
  • 2010 Basic Edition --> Fragmented Memories (0%)
Finished sets:
  • ---

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